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Natsuki Usami 「宇佐美 夏樹 」 ([personal profile] grouchy) wrote2017-03-31 07:48 pm
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Hey, everyone, Sunny here~! I can't go into detail but basically my mom and I are in a pickle because of an unexpected expense that came up. So we're trying to clear out space and get all of these bags sold!

They're all handmade by my mother, and all (save for bag #32) have a long shoulder strap.

Bags already sold: 7, 12, 14, Marie
Bags on hold: 4, 31

Shipping is $6 for any bag to the US, ask for international.

Comment, PM, or email ( with any questions you may have! If you want any more pictures of any bags, I can take some for you as well. Just let me know which number (or "Marie" for the last bag). Please share the word if you can~ Thanks so much, guys!

(Click the pictures for a bigger one!)

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[personal profile] exquisitely 2017-04-01 08:51 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh! That is music to my ears, velcro when it comes to bags and I have never properly gotten along because I somehow manage to break velcro. Can you put a hold on that one for me until Monday assuming paypal isn't an asshole for me? I've got what should be a really good money making night for me tonight at work because a big concert going on next door and two proms going on nearby so I'll know I'll make enough to cover it and then some without hurting my own bank account too much.